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This is a Republic of Poland $50 6% 20 year coupon bond with 13 coupons - Bond issue of 1920, due 1st April 1940.  The bond issue was largely subscribed by Poles living in the US and was subsequently converted at least once to bonds that became due in 1958. Because they were largely bought in the US this is about the only place you will find them. Because they were converted, the original issues are rare.

The bond has 13 coupons attached, from APR 1934 to APR 1940. The 20 year bond was extended tp 1958. These bonds are found mostly in the US because they were only subscibed in the US. They are engraved by AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY and with terms in English and Polish.

Please contact us to discuss the purchase of this bond or to make an offer on this bond. The item in the scans is the item you will receive. Please judge grade yourself using the scans provided and email if you have any questions.

All of our items are guaranteed authentic. Grading is applied honestly on a conservative, professional basis. Please examine the scans. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email with your questions.


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